Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University was established on April 24th, 1970 and was declared by Office of the Prime Minister on June 3rd, 1970 to be one of the governmental units in Chiang Mai University. On September 30th, 1971, Office of the Education Council approved Engineering course (Civil Engineering) to be the first course and after that Office of the Civil Service Commission accredited Bachelor of Engineering, Chiang Mai University, so graduated student from the faculty can serve in the governmental service.

During the first period of managing the faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University according to its obligation, with the purpose, we aims to produce qualified engineers who have sufficient knowledge and skill for their engineering profession, in order to develop the Thai nation as a whole. The faculty also aims at conducting researches and providing services to the community according to the policies of the university and the government.

The Faculty of Engineering consists of 7 departments which are

  1. Civil Engineering Department
  2. Electrical  Engineering Department
  3. Mechanical Engineering Department
  4. Mining Engineering and Petroleum Department
  5. Environmental Engineering Department
  6. Industrial Engineering Department
  7. Computer Engineering Department

Vision: Foster Engineering Excellence

Faculty of Engineering was founded on June 3, 1970 with the purpose to create qualified engineers who have appropriate knowledge and skill for the engineering profession, with the target of development our country. According to the policies of Chiang Mai University and government, our faculty aims to conducting researches and providing community’s services.

Academic Staff: 2016

Academic Ranking/Degree Non-Doctoral Doctoral Total
Lecturer 10 34 44
Assistant Professor 9 58 67
Associate Professor 6 39 45
Professor 2 2
Total 25 133 158

Supporting Staff: 2016

Other Bachelor Master Total
42 96 28 166


Degree 2015 2016 2017
Bachelor 3,225 3,348 3,526
Master 693 654 553
Doctoral 149 158 153
Total 4,067 4,160 4,232