Computer Engineering

The department of Computer Engineering focuses on preparing graduate students to work in the industry. We have various collaborations with several companies and organizations in order to improve and update our curriculum. Our program consists of computer engineering fundamentals and electives. You will learn about artificial intelligence (AI), computational intelligence (CI) hardware, information systems, networking, real-time control, robotics, software, etc.

Industrial Engineering

The department of Industrial Engineering focuses on improving productivity and efficiency of the manufacture according to safety standards and regulations. This field of study applies knowledge of mathematics, physics and social science to analyze, design, predict and evaluate the results and roadblocks of processes and devices. In our course, you will learn about material and manufacturing processes, production and operations management, quality systems and work systems, safety and logistics engineering and supply chain management etc.

Mechanical Engineering

The department of Mechanical Engineering has a proud heritage and is highly regarded for both teaching and research. Students graduating from the Department have immense pride in their achievement and enjoy the benefits of our reputation throughout their professional and personal lives.

Environmental Engineering

As the demand for natural resources grows, the department of Environmental Engineering focuses on improving researches and technologies to protect the environment in a smarter and safer way. This field of study draws on such disciplines as chemistry, hydraulics, hydrology and mathematics. You will gain the engineering knowledge and professional skills to design the processes that friendly manage the environment. In our course, you will learn about air pollution, water supply system, sewage systems and waste management.

Mining and Petroleum Engineering

Mining is a primary industry devoted to taking minerals out of the earth, improving the quality, and then supplying those minerals to other downstream industries to process and use in the production of almost every commodity.

Electrical Engineering

The department of Electrical Engineering design and develop new technologies to generate and process power. You will study power, telecommunication and electronics. The curriculum has been standardized and certified by the Council of Engineers Thailand.

Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering focuses on helping improve the world we live in. In our course, you will learn about geotechnics, fluids, materials, surveying and construction management, etc. You’ll also study through lectures, workshops, lab work, projects and internship.