Dive into the HBNU-CMU Capstone 2023 Update!

Taking place from October 29th to November 2nd, 2023, this event marks a remarkable international collaboration between Hanbat National University and Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Engineering at the CM-IES International Capstone 2023.

The event commenced with an engaging ice-breaking session, as participants from both universities delved into the captivating process of selecting project topics. The central theme for this year: “Smart and Green Building.”

Beyond this, participants embarked on an enlightening journey, visiting STeP CMU and ERDI, enriching their knowledge for group discussions. Learning through experience took precedence!

While exploring the enchanting Chiang Mai, participants also had the opportunity to visit Baan Kang Wat and the majestic Wat Prathat Doi Suthep temple, fostering cultural enrichment and strengthening bonds during the trip.

On the final day, students presented their innovative project proposals, showcasing the culmination of their hard work and creativity!

The adventure is far from over. The program will continue as participants collaborate online and prepare for their final project presentations at Hanbat National University in South Korea next month.