ENG CMU Congratulations to Dr.Myo Thida is one of the 50 Leading,  Asia Pacific Kindness & Leadership 2023

Faculty of Engineering Chiang Mai University  would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Dr.Myo Thida has been recognized on the Kindness & Leadership, 50 Leading Lights Asia Pacific 2023.

           Intent on empowering women in technology and creating an inclusive culture of growth, Dr.Myo Thida serves as a volunteer advisor for Women in AI (Myanmar), as Founder of Myanmar Data Tech and as leader of the Myanmar Women in Tech project, where she trains women in data analytics and software engineering. Her dedicated leadership approach fosters collaboration, mentorship and knowledge exchange, and also makes business sense, driving innovation and productivity. Myo has been recognised as an ASEAN Science Diplomat and an ASEAN Science and Technology Fellow.      

           Dr.Myo Thida exemplifies true leadership by creating an environment where individuals are supported, encouraged, and given the opportunity to grow and succeed. Her commitment to empowering others demonstrates how kindness in leadership can create a lasting impact on individuals, team culture, and business success. Once again, congratulations to Dr.Myo Thida on this remarkable achievement.