KU-CMU Summer Camp 2023 Kicked Off with a Splash!

The excitement is palpable as the KU-CMU Summer Camp 2023 officially commenced today at the Faculty of Engineering, CMU.

Students from Kyoto University (KU) and Chiang Mai University (CMU), along with distinguished Professors Dr. Hideaki Ohgaki and Assoc Prof Dr. Seiichi Ogata, delved into the world of renewable energy. Asst Prof. Dr. Chatchawan Chaichana’s engaging morning lecture illuminated the “Applications of Renewable Energy in Thailand.”

In the afternoon, the learning journey continued as they explored the innovative solar water heating systems at Male Dormitory 4, gaining hands-on experience in sustainable energy solutions. This summer camp promises to be an enlightening experience, fostering collaboration and nurturing the future of green engineering.